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Please note: The focus of this site is to specifically support economic recovery, basic human needs (food, clothing, shelter), basic pet needs, and the local medical professionals / organizations on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. 100% of all funds raised for any of the social services or medical groups listed on this site are passed along to those organizations.

Purchase a Chamber of Commerce Gift Certificate - They are valid at over 200 locations and never expire. A crisis such as this has negative economic ramifications for our small business community. The outcome could range from severe loss of business for a couple of weeks, to the worst case scenario, permanent business closures. Purchasing a Chamber of Commerce gift certificate is a safe investment because of the number of participants involved. It also gives the recipient many practical options to use on the services they need most right now. When a gift certificate is redeemed at a chamber member business, the company receiving the gift certificate is reimbursed 100% of the face value and will be paid immediately when turned in to The Chamber office. Please consider buying gift certificates:

For Yourself - We will mail them to you or you can pick up curb-side at our office.

For a Friend, loved one, or customer - We will mail to them.

For an Employee who has been laid off in our community. There are well over 575 people affected in the Hospitality industry alone in Westerly. There are many others in retail, service, amusement and other industries. We will issue gift certificates directly through the affected business owners and spread the generosity.

For Emergency/Medical personnel - They are working long, stressful hours away from their family to keep our community safe. We will issue directly to these groups which include Yale New Haven Health, Westerly Hospital, Westerly Ambulance Corps. There are other efforts taking place to assist these folks and therefore if any group opts to decline the gift certificates, we would then revert to providing them to an employee who has been laid off in the community.

For locals as a thank you for patronizing small businesses - We will award several $10 gift certificates each day to people demonstrating support of a wide variety of businesses that are still open and operating at partial capacity. Those gifts are promoted on social media to provide recognition to the small business and to inspire others to support the economy.

Buy a Gift Certificate
Local Business Support - The Ocean Community Chamber Foundation One Fund has been raising funds by collecting donations, and through t-shirt, sweatshirt and face mask sales, to create a grant fund to support small businesses. As of February 4th, 2021, The OCCF has awarded $34,381 in grants to over 30 small businesses in the region during 3 rounds of grant distributions. There are many struggling small businesses in the community that continue to need grant support to carry them through the pandemic businesses restrictions.

The Ocean Community Chamber Foundation and Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce are here to support every industry in the region we serve. We will need funds to support overall marketing efforts to help promote the businesses that are open, those modifying their business operations, and to launch a "Regional Bounce Back" campaign that builds consumer confidence, spurs investment and generates sales. The OCCC is already infusing funds to promote take-out / curb side and awarding gift certificates to people who post photos of their take-out meals and share it on Facebook. They are working to update the crucial business information resources daily, and you can download a comprehensive table here.. The OCCC is promoting other delivery businesses such as florists, fruit baskets, and crafting "Ideas lists" for retailers, giving them tangible tools to stay connected to their customer base, expand it, and be creative in generating sales. The OCCC staff is available to FaceTime business support services, provide social media assistance and for general brain storming.


Working together we will see a brighter tomorrow.

Creation of this Ocean Community One Fund website and other business / community support services at this critical time requires an investment that was not budgeted by our non-profit organization. 100% of all donations are tax-deductible and any donation is greatly appreciated. If you would like to make a general donation that our Covid-19 Committee can use for whatever purpose it deems affective in helping with these efforts, please do so by clicking the nearby "donate" button. You will have an opportunity to select our general fund, or a specific organization that you would like to support. We use PayPal to process our donations, but having a PayPal account to make a donation is not required. You can use any major credit card.

Sponsor a Chamber Of Commerce Membership
If your business is doing well and you want to help one that is struggling right now, please consider "paying it forward" by sponsoring a 1-year Chamber membership renewal for another business. Without question, small businesses will need The Chamber's marketing, gift certificate program, and impactful support programs more than ever, once they re-open. However, these same small businesses will be extremely limited with their marketing funds. You can "adopt" a business, and sponsor their Chamber dues for a year. You can either pick a specific business that you wish to assist, and discuss their dues investment with our Chamber staff, or you can contribute $225 which will underwrite the dues for a company with under 5 full time employees that qualifies for membership assistance. Your generous gift will provide tangible support for an entire year during the crucial recovery period. We welcome donations by residents who care deeply about local small businesses and may want to provide membership assistance. Please call The Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce at (401) 596-7761 if you are interested in making a donation of this nature, or you the "donate" button nearby, select the "general support" option, and then add a note (when prompted) that you would like to provide Chamber membership assistance.

Donate Supplies to the Hospital
While the Yale New Haven Health System does not normally accept donations of supplies and equipment, the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (CoVID-19) has restricted the quantities of protective equipment our caregivers use to deliver care to patients. Under these constraints associated with this Covid-19 outbreak, donations from organizations, companies, groups and individuals to Yale New Haven Health, that meet quality and safety standards, are being accepted for our hospitals to use. If you are in a position to help, please download this letter from the hospital that includes a list of needed supplies and information on how to donate them.

Donate Meals to the Hospital
The cafeteria at the Westerly Hospital has limited hours and operations right now. Donations of meals from those with a CT or RI Food License, and appropriate means of transporting food in accordance with Health Department regulations, are welcome to donate. All donated meals must be by coordinated through Nick Stahl at To discuss a financial gift to Westerly Hospital Foundation in person, please also contact Nick Stahl.

Scholarship Donation - Each year the Ocean Community Chamber Foundation awards over $8,000 in youth scholarships. Students at Westerly High School, Stonington High School and Prout School qualify for consideration. As a result of the Covid-19 crisis, families in our community will need more assistance than ever before. If you would like to make a donation that would be used for our youth scholarship program, please click on the nearby "donate" button. Please select our scholarship fund from the pull-down option. We use PayPal to process our donations, but having a PayPal account to make a donation is not required. You can use any major credit card.

Basic Human Needs - If you would like to help groups that are working with our community members to provide basic human needs, please consider a financial donation to one of the below organizations. Click on the nearby "donate" button, and select an organization from the pull-down option. We use PayPal to process our donations, but having a PayPal account to make a donation is not required. You can use any major credit card.

Fighting The Virus - If you would like to help groups that are working on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic, please consider joining the Westerly Ambulance Corps, or making a financial donation to one of the organizations below. Click on the nearby "donate" button, and select one of them from the pull-down option. We use PayPal to process our donations, but having a PayPal account to make a donation is not required. You can use any major credit card.

Animal Support - If you would like to help support the animals in our community and pet food distribution to those in need, please consider a donation to Stand Up For Animals. Click on the nearby "donate" button, and select Stand Up For Animals from the pull-down option. We use PayPal to process our donations, but having a PayPal account to make a donation is not required. You can use any major credit card.

Blood - There is an urgent need for blood and platelet donors as fears of coronavirus keep healthy donors away. If you are able to donate blood, please consider giving the gift of life:

We realize that there are many other non-profits and organizations, too numerous to list here, that will be impacted by all of the restrictions we are all enduring. If you have the means, now is the time to support one of your favorite organizations.